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K-1 Flag and 2-7th Grade Sign Up Information
Wednesday July 23- 6:30pm at YSC (Fundraising cards will be distributed)
Wednesday July 30 - 6:30pm at YSC

Please follow our Facebook page for up to date information regarding fees,
equipment and teams.
Use the Facebook page to contact coaches of teams and sign up players prior to July 23.
If you are not signed up with a team prior to July 23, LYF will help you to locate a team.
Fees are not due until August 9 at equipment checkout.

We recommend if you are in 2-7th grade, that you attend signups and pick up your Fundraising cards now. This allows you to sell them now, turn the money in on August 9 and play for FREE.


Interested in Coaching?

Interested in Officiating?

For more information, email Bret Toelkes.

  For more information, email Tim Greenwood.

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