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Midco coverage of Toy Bowl

Below is the viewing information and DVD order information for the Toy Bowl games and a copy of the DVD order form.

Airing Information:

Midco Channels 622 & 32

Games will begin airing on Monday 11/2 at 2 PM and continue throughout the week.

Link to order DVD information:

Toy Bowl

LYF wishes to thank all the families, teams, and coaches who have participated in Flag this year as we wrap up our 2020 Regular season.  We set out to offer a place that kids could get out, compete and have fun.  We appreciate all the families that wore their masks and separated in this unusual time. As you know, we had outlined to the City of Lawrence in our game plan for this year those requirements and you have done a great job helping us maintain that plan.  We look forward to a 2021 season that will will allow us to play with no restrictions.  Thank You!


LYF Toy Bowl 2020 is coming up on Sunday November 1 at YSC.   We will have the top two from each division based on league play competing for the Toy Bowl Trophy.  

This year our local cable provider MIDCO will record all of our games live for taped delay broadcast and those games will be available for purchase through MIDCO.  We will play our Championship games on the Middle field and will make available more sideline seating for this special event.  LYF has staged many Toy Bowls and we want you to share this event and help make it a special day for those teams participating.

As is the tradition, we will be at the gate asking for an admission fee of either a donation or a NEW toy that goes to Toys for Tots.  We will be set up as you come in and make it quick and easy.  We have donated thousands of toys over the years and it is greatly appreciated by the many kids in our community receiving these great gifts.

We will have Toy Bowl shirts again that will feature  each player and coach.  These shirts are coveted by many in our community and is a lasting memory for the families of players who have gone before you. Music will be on and fun with a little friendly competition is in store for us on November 1.



LYF Flag Championships start with our K-1 Division and proceeding up through the divisions with the following times:

K-1 at 10am

2nd grade at 11:00

3rd/4th at 12:00

5th at 1:15

6th at 2:30

Lawrence Youth Football

Lawrence Youth Football (LYF Inc.) was founded in 1963. It is a Not-for-Profit organization. LYF provides the fundamentals of football in a competitive environment for youth in Kindergarten through 7th grade in the Lawrence, Kansas area. The organization offers tackle and flag football.

Tackle has five divisions: 2nd - 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade.

  • Cost - $160.00 with pads ($6.20 admin fee)
  • Cost - $140.00 without pads ($4.55 admin fee)

Flag has six divisions: K-1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade.

  • Cost - $100.00 ($4.25 admin fee)

Flag divisions can be combined due to number of players and teams.

Helmet and shoulder pads are available. Secondary insurance is provided.

Players are required to pay the applicable registration fee prior to being placed on a roster or receiving equipment.

LYF will have inter-league play during the season to allow for similar competitive teams to play each other.  Games are played on Saturday and Sunday at the Youth Sports Complex (YSC), 4911 W 27th Lawrence, KS, located at the intersection of the South Lawrence Trafficway and Wakarusa Drive.

LYF Practice Protocol


COVID-19 risk mitigation considerations for Lawrence Youth Football (LYF) are detailed in this document. These considerations are based on the general pillars detailed in the KSHSAA Return to Activities document for Fall Sports. 

The risk of coronavirus transmission will still be present to some degree if LYF activities begin. All administrators, coaches, officials, support personnel, participants, their families must recognize these risks and implement best practices to reasonably mitigate these risks. Participation in LYF is voluntary and every individual will need to evaluate the risk versus the benefits of activity participation. Any immunocompromised person. or those who live with family members with elevated health concerns, should evaluate associated risks of participation and may choose not to participate.




  • The team box may be extended on both sides of the field (for players only) to provide more social distancing space for the team.
  • The team box area will be marked off and restricted to team and game administration personnel only to eliminate any spectators from being in or behind this area.
  • Always maintain social distancing of 6 feet while in the team box.
  • Do not share uniforms, towels and other apparel and equipment.
  • Spectators will watch from the endzone areas.


  • Face coverings are required to be worn directly over the mouth and nose. 
  • If at any time during the game, a face covering becomes damaged or does not function as designed, then the individual player should be sent out for a minimum of one play to remedy the issue. If the individual can remedy the issue, without delay, then they can stay on the field, just like a helmet coming unsnapped.
  • Fans and spectators will be required to wear masks.


  • Tooth and mouth protectors should be cleaned and sanitized after each practice and competition.
  • Should never be shared
  • Should be handled as few times as possible with your hands. Keep them in your mouth.


  • All charged time-outs will be extended to one and one half minutes in length. This is to facilitate proper individual hydration getting individual water bottles to players and for coaching. Per rule, play may resume earlier if both teams are ready for play.
  • The authorized conference for charged time-outs should take place on the field between the sideline and hash marks and not on the sideline for social distancing purposes. It will be permissible for more than one coach to be involved in these conferences.
  • Each game official, player and coach should have their own beverage container (water bottle) brought out to them on the field. The league will develop a system to provide water to officials.


  • The intermission will be extended to 5min. between the first and second half.
  • We have allowed for extra time between games to let teams and parents exit before the next game. Please leave the field with parents and fans as soon as your game is over.
  • Dispose of any trash in waste containers.
  • Warm ups for teams while other games are on will be on fields 2 – 4.
  • Hand shakes will be a friendly gesture.



❖           Practice may look different then it has over the years. Using best practice to mitigate exposure, as stated in the general guidelines is a valuable step.

❖           Maintain static small groups when possible.

❖           Limit the amount of team activities.

❖           Maintain social distancing guidelines when not involved in direct activity. This includes all stretching, warm-up, conditioning, drill activities and pre and post practice meetings.

❖           No non-essential personnel should be on the practice field.

❖           Encourage social distancing guidelines and face covering with all parents and spectators attending practice.

❖           Face coverings should be worn by coaches, players, and essential personnel unless social distancing guidelines are being met.

❖           Follow the water bottle considerations outlined in the general considerations. 

Heads Up Football

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Accessing Online Certification:


  • Create account or login at
  • Click on “Training” on the left of the page
  • Click on “Take Me There”
  • Add course
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