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Lawrence Youth Football coaches, parents and families.


The LYF board of directors would like to express our appreciation for the patience you have all shown during these unprecedented times associated with CV-19.  We have been gathering information for weeks from community leaders in our attempt to become as informed as possible regarding the reality of playing youth football while in phase 3 and adhering to county, state, and CDC guidelines.  Our goal throughout this process has always been to play football while following all the protocols in place to provide a safe, fun environment for all families that choose to play in LYF.  

Numerous issues have been brought to our attention throughout this process that raise serious concerns about being able to proceed safely and adhere to proper protocol.  Currently, while in phase 3 status, there are strict limitations on the number of people allowed in one location and guidelines that require contact tracing in the event of someone tests positive for CV-19.  Because we have guest teams in our tackle schedule that are not members of LYF and ask our teams to go to locations outside of our control, we do not have confidence that the same guidelines can be met.  As it stands today to adhere to local requirements, it is very possible that if a player tests positive for CV-19 it will in effect, shut down their team for a period of time and possibly other teams who may have had exposure during competition.  The proper procedure of issuing equipment becomes a monumental task that borders on ridiculous.  The nature of tackle football requires engaged contact which increases risk of exposure and transmission.  Normally, there is nothing we like better than a good block or a good tackle. Unfortunately, things are not normal this year.

With the start of the season upon, time has now become an issue for all of us.  We are entering the second week of August and still do not have the answers required to proceed.  We understand that you need direction.  We cannot keep kicking the can down the road waiting for answers.  While it is a tough decision, we feel like there are few options but to suspend tackle football in LYF for the 2020 season. We understand if you wish to pursue other options that are available.  You will need to do so without the LYF umbrella of equipment or insurance.  We look at this season as a unique “one off” year.  A season that our families will have many concerns regarding school and ever-changing requirements they will be asked to do.  It is our sincere hope that by making this decision it will provide clarity for you regarding participation in LYF.

To continue to provide a competitive and recreational outlet for you, we will turn our attention to our flag division that offers more opportunity to meet the guidelines already in place under phase 3 protocol.  We will use this opportunity to build up our flag program in ways that will enhance it as the premier flag league in our region.  By doing this we will have football on Sundays at YSC.  We will do it safely.  We will most definitely have fun.

If you have already registered for tackle you will be refunded 100% of your fee if you do not want to pursue flag.  If you wish to sign up for flag, and we ask that you do, LYF will give you a partial refund to cover the difference in cost.  

Thank You,
LYF Board of Directors
Bret Toelkes, Steve Walter, Clint Bradley, Darren Green, John Randolph, Tim Pinnick

LYF Coaches:

In 2020, all coaches at all levels, both Tackle and Flag are required to get their USA Football Coach certification.  The following link is your pathway to get that certification.  From now until August 22, 2020, LYF will pay the fee for you.  After that date, you will be responsible for your fee.  USA Football notifies LYF when you have completed the course and we will provide a sideline pass for you to be worn each game on the sidelines when your team is on the field.  Please retain a copy of your certification for your records.  

Let’s have a another great season in LYF starting with the Coaches Certification. It as a learning tool that helps coaches provide a safe platform for our youth in both practice and in games.  We are proud to have you as a coach and remember-

                                           “It’s a Different Game”


Thank You,

Bret Toelkes


Lawrence Youth Football

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